Formate Industrial Co., LTD. Founded in 1983. 
Manufacturing factory site Formate Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. LTD. founded in 1993. 

We are a middle-size and independent property Company. The major
products we are selling are doll strollers, doll prams and kids furniture.  

We ship globally. North America (US and Canada), UK, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland etc).

We are the one of the very first nursery factory to manufacture strollers and prams for kids. Most of popular products/designs available on
market were invented/designed by the founder and owner of our company.  We provided safest premium quality prams and strollers for our
customers and consumers. We are best known for manufacturing ODM and OEM top license products with premium quality, safe and durable
materials, on-time shipments. 


We were one of the first enterprise in Shenzhen to run and obtain the qualification of ISO 9002/14001 system and ICTI certification. We
practice management tools such as five sigma and Toyota on-time management in our daily operation. We also support our customer to
run various technical and social audits, including Disney and major retailers like Walmart, Argos, Tesco and more. 

We will continue to develop and manufacture for all our customers with care, pride and passion.